Course Overview:


The Parenting by Deposit Roadmap is your step-by-step guide to improving…

  • Your influence in your child’s life so that:
    • they actually listen when you ask them to do something
    • you can help calm their tantrums and big emotions
    • they make healthy choices, even when you’re not around to remind them
  • Your confidence as a parent so that you:
    • Feel less helpless and overwhelmed
    • Can stop worrying about and yelling at your children and start enjoying them more



How to use the Parenting by Deposit Roadmap


  • The Parenting by Deposit Roadmap is composed of a video (“The Parenting by Deposit Video”) + seven parts: An introduction  + 6 steps of the Roadmap


  • Start by watching the short video first. Then proceed to each of the seven parts in the order that they are listed.
    • Each of the seven parts includes an audio component and a PDF handout.
    • The audio file provides an explanation of the step, while the PDF provides a summary of the audio.
    • Audio was used so that you can listen while you are folding laundry, cooking, or anything else!


  • To save you time:
    • All audio files are 20 minutes or less.
    • Because you may not even have 20 minutes at a time, each audio file is broken into sections. Whenever you see a new title on the handout, that’s a good place to stop.
    • Files were created so that you could listen to the audio one time and then refer back to the handout going forward. Unless you really want to, you should haven’t to listen to the audio more than once!